Project Description

Illumina is a company dedicated to oncology and genomics. Illumina was a large and successful company developing products that enabled researchers to explore DNA at an entirely new scale, helping them create the first map of gene variations associated with health, disease, and drug response.


Illumina engaged Teksera to develop an app for their DNA sequencing system. A DNA sequencer is highly specialized, multi-million dollar equipment controlled by users via desktop access. Illumina required that users also be able to control the DNA sequencer via mobile devices, using their phones to start and stop the sequencer, prepare and load samples, and provide results in the form of sequencing reports.

Challenge Highlights

Unique about this project was the absence of an interface required to communicate with the DNA Sequencer. The interface was in a stage of conceptual design only, so Teksera was tasked with building a mobile app Teksera against a nonexistent interface.

Strategy and Results

Teksera worked with Illumina’s Research and Development department to gather the specifications for the app. To overcome the nonexistent interface obstacle, we created a mock server to use as the point of communication between the mobile app and the DNA Sequencer, and worked against this makeshift interface to build our app.

illumina logo

When the interface was deployed, Teksera replaced the mock server with the now-live interface seamlessly. Proper timeouts, delays, and error handling were observed as specified.