Project Description

Oeno Vaults is a wine cellaring solution for serious collectors in California’s Napa Valley.   Teksera was hired to overhaul an aging vendor-based infrastructure.  In 1 year our team completed turnaround of the technology strategy as the company moved away from an outsourced model to a fully-own custom-built platform that now powers all business from Inbound items processing through warehousing, to outbound operations. Through the release and the several subsequent iterations of this fully integrated commerce and operations platform, Oeno Vaults business relies on the new technology to track their clients’ wine inventory using an ERP system, perform scanning and transaction entry on a mobile platform, engage clients on the web, and enable end users to manage their wines using mobile apps.



Oeno Vaults contacted Teksera to redesign an internal ERP system for them with a number of customized features. They also needed to modernize their transaction handling method–which involved manual entry into a laptop while using a non-integrated scanner on the wines–to using an iPad with the scanner app built in, and the data fed to the ERP.


Oeno Vaults also needed a web site that engaged new clients and enabled existing users to research, document, and manage their wines. Finally, these same existing clients needed the same ability to manage the wines stored with Oeno Vaults using their mobile devices.

Challenge Highlights

The client’s legacy ERP system was built on Microsoft Dynamics (no longer supported by Microsoft, this system had its heyday in the 1980s) and was customized and maintained by an outside vendor. As such, it was maintained in the strictest sense of the word, and had not been updated in over ten years. With the external vendor no longer involved, Teksera had access to neither the original developers nor any system documentation.


In designing the new ERP solution, Teksera professionals were able to explore the legacy system and replace all of its original functionality, while extending it with almost infinite customization capabilities. Teksera chose the Beta version of OpenERP 8, the largest open-source software platform to date. Teksera customized the new ERP system to support the unique business needs of a wine cellaring service.

Teksera then proceeded to build three additional systems. We built an administration app using mobile technology that was integrated with the ERP system. Oeno Vaults staff were now able to use an iPad to perform inventory and scanning functions. We built a public website integrated with the ERP system. And we built a mobile app empowering end users to personally manage the wines they stored in the vault, complete with the ability to upload photos of their wines and follow auction activity on their collection.



Oeno Vaults now had four integrated systems automating their business. No other wine storage facility matches Oeno Vaults’ combination of almost infinite scalability on an open-source platform.  

Generic off-the-shelf ERP systems in the industry that are limited to functionality required by huge retailers, Oeno Vaults’ system tracks the owner-to-bottle relationship, and is enhanced with the complicated web of business rules that govern the shipment of wine to different between states.