Project Description

Tubular Labs creates analytics for the video world, essentially creating an extension that fills the void left by YouTube tools to manage it as an advertising platform.



Tubular Labs contacted Teksera to create a unique video platform for brand advertisers, with YouTube as the basis. This platform had to provide analytics on YouTube Channels, enabling advertisers to understand and actively manage their audiences. Advertisers would be able to create campaigns on YouTube, monitor their website, and so forth; in short, this platform would be an extension augmenting YouTube–a tool to manage YouTube as an advertising platform.


Challenge Highlights

Tubular Labs was in stealth mode at the time of Teksera’s engagement. Requirements were communicated in minimum, high-level, mechanical terms to avoid revealing the company’s business proposition.

Strategy and Results

Teksera treated the bare-boned requirements as a moving target and developed the required platform using an iterative approach.