Oeno Vaults

Oeno Vaults is a wine cellaring solution for serious collectors in California’s Napa Valley.   Teksera was hired to overhaul an aging vendor-based infrastructure.  In 1 year our team completed turnaround of the technology strategy as the company moved away from an outsourced model to a fully-own custom-built platform that now powers all business


Vungle is a San Francisco-based startup that provides the infrastructure for app monetization through video ads. It plays the roles of an ad network and ad exchange in its dealings with app publishers, advertisers, and other exchanges to bring meaningful ads to the right viewers. Vungle engaged Teksera for a trifold deliverable that included


Seattle-based IdealSeat has been enjoying a flurry of publicity. IdealSeat arms sports fans with highly specialized information about stadium seating, enabling fans to select the best seats for their needs when buying tickets to sporting events. IdealSeat engaged Teksera to create their first app and the infrastructure behind it at the very start of their

Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs creates analytics for the video world, essentially creating an extension that fills the void left by YouTube tools to manage it as an advertising platform. Objective Tubular Labs contacted Teksera to create a unique video platform for brand advertisers, with YouTube as the basis. This platform had to provide analytics on YouTube Channels,


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