Teksera’s Areas of Expertise

Outsourcing technology is a great way for startups and small businesses to cut costs and boost productivity. Instead of allocating resources to implement and maintain new IT systems, outsourcing enables startups and small businesses to focus on more important things, such as their products and customers. Sometimes, however, outsourcing can cost small businesses more time and money if the wrong vendors are selected. It can be daunting to figure out which ones should be trusted to hand off a project.  Imagine being able to hire top talent like Google or Twitter at a small fraction of the cost.

Let me introduce Teksera, which pioneered a new concept in outsourcing – “Team In-a-Box”.  Based in the Bay Area, CA Teksera is a team of seasoned software development experts and technical management. What does Teksera bring to the table? – Experience developing Mobile and Web solutions (Social Commerce and eCommerce sites) – iOS/Java/PHP/NodeIS/Javascript/RoR Expertise – Visual Design/Graphics Design Expertise – FrontEnd, Backend, HTML5, Launch Management – UI/UX Expertise – Fixing a web or mobile app that does not work – Startup Mentality

What We Offer:

Web Applications - agile development process of high performance and mobile-enabled sites

Agility Team

The Agility Team is comprised of flexible resource working in short duration sprints managing:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Estimations
  • Software releases
  • The Agility team is a combination of resources and roles that are fully dedicated to your project.
  • The team will work closely with your business and IT teams to prioritize a backlog of bug fixes, enhancements, and new features.
  • The prioritized list will be used to estimate and schedule Sprint iterations, which will be executed every 3-4 weeks.
  • Sprint deliverables will be planned with reserve capacity, giving the team room to respond to any unplanned work (e.g. Severity 1 or 2 site issues) within an agreed SLA.

Mobile apps - fast and sleek design

We have expertise in mobile apps that run on all platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

Social Media - integrate with all popular social networks
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Managed Cloud Hosting - We specialize in providing full hosting services, including maintenance on all popular hosts (Amazon AWS/S3/CloudFront, Rackspace, Azure.

What is “Fully Managed Hosting”?

This term is actually really relative. One may think that the plan is fully managed while others might think that the technical support they receive from hosting firms is not sufficient.  When we build your application, your website will be monitored by experienced webmasters on a regular basis. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about server downtimes and other technical issues.  You can sit back and enjoy!!

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is especially good for small to medium-sized business firms since it is very costly to hire a full-time in-house webmaster to maintain their websites. Since maintaining a business website for maximum uptime is very important nowadays, managed hosting would be the perfect solution for a business to outsource the technical demand to the professionals from the web hosting firms. When you hire Teksera to manage your web application, you save a great of deal of resources and time on maintaining your website. The savings you acquire can definitely enable your business to outperform your competitors.

Operational Services

  • 24 x 7 incident response and level 2 helpdesk
  • Amazon AWS and Rackspace Hybrid Cloud expertise
  • Initial project-based infrastructure build-out
  • Maintenance of continuous integration environment and execution of build deployments to QA and PROD
  • Performance, load, and capacity planning
  • Planning and implementation of disaster recovery
  • Deployment of system upgrades, enhancements and bug fixes
  • Maintenance of Optaros Project workspace and source control environment

Our Customers

We have many happy customers for whom we developed a broad range of applications. Here are some highlights:

ReWinery Rewinery partners with award-winning wineries to provide customers with spectacular wines at a tremendous value. 2 boutique wines for a $30 flat fee in San Francisco. Rewinery seeks out good wines which you are not able to find at neighborhood stores, and negotiate enormous discounts. These discounts are passed on to the customer, but because it’s important for a winery to protect its brand, similar to how Marshalls and TJ Maxx sells thhe brand-name clothing. At Rewinery, you can buy wine whenever you feel like it. We can deliver to your home or office or wherever you may be, and quickly—usually within the hour.
Oeno VaultsLid .
One2One NetworkLid
IS-icons-gloveThe founders of IdealSeat hired us to build their first application. The founders of IdealSeat are just like you. We enjoy going to baseball games, drinking a refreshing beverage, and, if we’re lucky, catching a foul ball. A few years ago, we started to wonder if we could increase our odds of catching a foul ball. Through some basic research we stumbled upon an amazing fact: in a sport where every single statistic is tracked, analyzed, cross-analyzed and over-analyzed, nobody tracks foul balls. So we created a  mobile foul ball tracking system that comprehensively details where every foul ball goes. We’ve tested it in the 2012 season at Safeco Field in Seattle, and believe we have a system that can be scaled to all  30 Major League Baseball stadiums. We’re also layering the foul ball data with weather information and concession locations to give you…the IdealSeat experience.

Why Choose Us

  • High quality Software Development Management team bundled in the price</li>
  • Large pool of experienced designers and developers</li>

Why should you give Teksera a look?

  • Reduce overhead
  • Shorten time to market. (We are amazingly fast!)
  • Slow burn rate and conserve cash
  • Lower cost of development

What differentiates Teksera from other software development contractors?

  • Our primary distinguishing characteristic is our Price/Performance ratio.
  • Instead of hiring 3 – 4 full time developers we can supply the right talent for only the specific duration required.
  • We have delivered high quality prototypes, minimum viable product and full blown applications in weeks.
  • You work directly with Silicon Valley based management professionals with decades of experience.

What Clients Say

Jacob Golder is a great communicator and technologist. I had an assignment for him regarding a downloadable application designed specifically for Mobile market. Jacob did a superb job translating my need/vision into engineering language. My application is almost done and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Jacob!

Tess Rogers, CEO, Traveling Doll

Yakov is a goal-oriented manager that focuses on getting projects delivered. He quickly owns the project and manages the team to deliver it fast. He is self-motivated and will dive into any technical / product or business problem until he finds a solution. He is the kind of professional that you can easily rely on and trust your core projects.

Paulo Lerner, CEO

Yakov has joined Kleintech with a challenge of building web 2.0 projects with a global team. He is a hands-on technical manager with experience to build and manage teams, translate product requirement into technical specification, design software architecture and predict and avoid technical and scalability problems. As my other co-founder and I were Brazilians, we were looking for VP of engineering with start-up experience to build our product development team. I’m glad Yakov came on board. Yakov built a very strong team and led them effectively combining new and proven technologies into an innovative product. He has an engaging and supportive management style, and is very open in communicating business updates to his team. He does it by allowing his people take responsibility and be creative while delivering on strategic targets and confirming with specific technical directions. He helped us creating a culture of accountability and teamwork while inspiring the teams to strike the balance between innovation, quality and speed. The flexible architecture created for Frugar (1st product) allowed us to reduce the time-to-market for the 2nd one (Tastejive). When Yakov owns a projects, you know it will be done. Yakov focuses on priorities, not spending time on minor issues that don’t affect productivity and are not crucial for the success of the project /company. He focuses a lot on [improving] communication, which makes working with him easy and helps working with other people in the same team. Yakov is results-driven, execution-oriented, high energy leader with wealth of technical knowledge that is rare to be found in managers at his level. It is a pleasure to work with. I have great respect for him and I would strongly recommend him for Product Engineering executive roles in any environment.

Eduardo Klein, Co-founder