State of the Wine Industry

Most wineries have no IT background and/or no internal IT resources.  The integrators that provide application services in this space are costly and most are promoting or working with the MSFT Dynamics package of Retail Management Software and Navision, which is an outdated 1980s technology.  Many wineries do not even use or have a CRM application within their business and have usually used their eCommerce provider as their master customer record.  Wineries today have their customers’ information all over the place.  In some cases there are 3 to 5 separate places that customer data is held.  This can cost wineries a lot of time when trying to run a wine club and figuring out who intends to pick up their wine and who wants their wine shipped.  It also allows for duplicates to be created very easily when everyone is entering customer information into several different places with no policies or procedures in place.  Even if the wineries had the resources or man power to follow up with their customers over the phone they would spend most of their time trying to cleaning up and making sense of their data before making any calls.

In the Direct to Consumer wine business technology stacks being used don’t communicate, carry costly programming and licensing fees.  Teksera looks to give the wine industry the right technologies that will enable their wine business not hold back them back from making great wine.  We intend to help wineries automate their sales force and marketing efforts by using open source, off-the-shelf technologies that we customized for specific needs of the wine industry. This modern cloud-based technology will give them the ability to manage their full direct to consumer business with the essential technologies needed giving them a 360 degree view of their customer.  It is our goal to allow any size winery to scale their business with technology, easily manage customer information and seamlessly follow up with their customers.

How We Applied Our Skills

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