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Solutions for Success

Founded in 2013, Teksera (a portmanteau of Technology-Expertise-Knowledge-Service-Agency) is a boutique technical and strategic consultancy geared toward entrepreneurs that have a compelling business idea but lack the technical background and team to bring it to market.  We help technology challengers convert creative ideas into tangible business value by providing our clients with the strategic tools needed to succeed on the web and mobile platforms.

Realizing the demand and costs for knowledgeable web and mobile app development teams, the founders of Teksera created a highly specialized team of senior-level developers and visual designers that can be hired out for project work among its customers.

Teksera is a one-stop shop for planning, designing, and developing best-in-class mobile apps and custom digital experiences.  We often partner with in-house tech and development teams to craft top-tier apps for clients ranging from startups to mature companies, including OneLogin, ModCloth, and Branch. Our specialties are native mobile apps, back-end & APIs, and web apps. We specialize in all aspects of software development and offer a wide range of low-price, high-value services.  We cost less than creating your own engineering team. What sets us apart from other outsourcing vendors is that our projects are professionally managed by technical experts who led silicon valley’s best technology teams at eBay, CNET, and Netflix. Let us do the job while you focus on yours.  We specialize in all aspects of software development and offer a wide range of low-price, high-value services. We have unequaled off-shore resources of the most “fit” developers and architects and a culture of creative problem solving, intellectual design, fast-paced development, and passionate product delivery for our clients.


Throughout your system implementation process you will come across companies that want to “provide the perfect solution for the type of business you’re in”, but users say the approach isn’t working. In order to see a solid return on your software investment, its imperative project teams realize obvious goals at the onset, like vendor selection, risk management, and continuous improvement. The price tag of a project will only increase if companies fail to partner with an expert in software development and business process modeling. It gives users a chance to choose which functionality best meets their goals and move into a modern space. Investing in infrastructure is an emotional decision that should be considered by many in an organization. Looking for the more rudimentary facets of software design and architecture will nurture your ability to make a more profitable decision and mitigate many software implementation risks from the start.

Business Meeting


Elina Novoselsky, Ph. D.


Elina has a strong entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm, combined with effective team building and leadership. Experience spans startup, private, and publicly held companies. She has significant business development experience and success, which includes building an investor network and assisting companies in obtaining funding. Skilled at senior management-level client interaction and the formation of partner relationships and strategic alliances.


Elina received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in BioPhysics. She has a solid background in project management, and intellectual property, including collaboration with law firms to prepare and conduct patent and trademark searches.


Customer Success

Benjamin is a single point of contact for all quality and support functions. Having worked directly with enterprise and start-up clients in a fast-paced development environment, he is coordinating globally distributed resources in delivering Teksera’s best-in-class services to our clients.

Benjamin received his BS in Psychology from the UC, Santa Cruz.

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