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Outsourcing technology is a great way for startups and small businesses to cut costs and boost productivity. Instead of allocating resources to implement and maintain new IT systems, outsourcing enables startups and small businesses to focus on more important things, such as their products and customers. Sometimes, however, outsourcing can cost small businesses more time and money if the wrong vendors are selected.  It can be daunting to figure out which ones should be trusted to hand off a project. Imagine being able to hire top talent like Google or Twitter at a small fraction of the cost.

Let me introduce Teksera. Headquartered in the Bay Area, CA Teksera is a team of seasoned software development experts and technical management. What does Teksera bring to the table? – Experience developing Mobile and Web solutions (Social Commerce and eCommerce sites) – iOS/Java/PHP/NodeIS/Javascript/RoR Expertise – Visual Design/Graphics Design Expertise – FrontEnd, Backend, HTML5, Launch Management – UI/UX Expertise – Fixing a web or mobile app that does not work – Startup Mentality  Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

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